“In the best tradition of magical realism, Demilio renders the everyday detail—of his characters’ yearning, love and loss—so gritty and palpable that the magical becomes real, disbelief falls away, and the reader, too, takes flight. More than an unforgettable adventure, Lightfoot Rising is a provocative study of the problems of our time—from political division and carbon footprint, to the perils of celebrity, and the purpose of invention. Physics has never been sexier!”

Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
People Magazine



Gordon Lightfoot Longmeier is a rebellious Athens, Georgia townie, a rock guitarist and a brilliant inventor. When his lifelong love, Caroline, moves back to town and they briefly reconnect, Gordon's world is literally turned upside down. 


As he struggles with this development, Gordon is also forced to defend the people and things he loves from a powerful array of foes. Caroline flirts with rekindling their relationship, while David, her fiancée and the heir to a multinational corporation, schemes to steal Gordon’s most valuable invention.

It's not until Gordon learns the secret of his unique ancestry that he begins to understand the strange direction that his life has taken.


“I was an old-time fan of the AAFC and Mike Demilio captured those days perfectly, both on a football level and a fiction level.”


Paul Zimmerman

Sports Illustrated


An Ordinary man, FIGHTING FOR AN 

extraordinary LOVE

Mattia Di Cielo is a gunner on a B-24 shot down deep in German territory. He parachutes free, but snags on a high limb. Far below, a Nazi is too intent on his pursuit of a young woman to notice. Mattia can remain silent and unseen, but when the ambush happens, he cuts himself down and runs to help. Her name is Anna.


From the skies over Germany, to the brutal gridiron of 1940s professional football, to the tough streets of Newark, NJ, Mattia fights to stay true to his love as the world burns around him. 

(Previously published as Autumn Fool)