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People need clear, concise text that conveys information without exhausting their attention span. This is as much a matter of the design of technical documentation as the writing in it. I've done an enormous amount of work in both areas, from user manuals to online help and tutorials to policy and procedure guidelines. 

Because I have been on the client side, both as a technical resource and as the owner of an app, I understand the need for rapid understanding, verbal clarity and speed of execution. You will be tempted to use a chatbot for tech writing. My advice: Don't. 

A great technical writer keeps the user in mind at all times. Machines cannot do this. I can, and I do.



When someone is truly interested in learning, they make you a better teacher. With technical subject matter, my curiosity drives me to dig deeper for understanding and meaning, and to write clearly about it.

We've all had the experience of trying to explain something that we care deeply about, and receiving a blank stare. You'll never get that from me.

I'll find the things that make your subject fascinating, then I'll make sure your readers see them clearly too. 

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