My Story


Once upon a time, I majored in History and played linebacker at Princeton. Then, I navigated the business world as a writer and a software entrepreneur, ultimately launching a football-related app that flamed out gloriously.

​That venture was a painful, valuable experience. It was also a blessing.

I decided to return to my first love: writing, and helping others to develop skill and confidence as they write. Many years of studying the craft have helped me to understand good writing. I continue to write professionally for a variety of clients, and on my own as a novelist.


Essay Coaching

I believe that fatherhood, more than anything else, has made me a great college essay coach.

With two teenaged daughters, I have learned how to help young people find and develop their own voices. Working with students at one of the most stressful moments of their lives – and helping them stay calm and create great essays – is incredibly rewarding.

There is nothing better than receiving a text message with those three magic words: “I got in!!!”

That said, what I really appreciate about my students is not their victories but their struggles. Today’s college admissions process is a brutal gauntlet that sometimes begins very early in a child’s life. Buried in all of that hard work are the seemingly mundane experiences that students forget they should celebrate.

Experiences that lead to great essays.

Essays and personal statements are rapidly eclipsing standardized test scores as one of the most important elements of the college application.

I can help your students connect with the ideas, skills and positive attitudes that will set their work apart from the crowd. They will write essays that are both effective and eloquent. Together, we can turn a stressful task into a valuable asset.

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