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Essay Prep for Life uses insights derived from the six Common App essay questions to provide younger students (Gr 9-11) with a framework for exploring transformational insight and self-actualization through writing.



  • The program begins with a discussion of how the first month’s theme (“Who Am I?”) relates to the first Common App essay prompt

  • The first week, students write a 50-100 word journal entry related to that theme (e.g., "who do I most want to be in four years?)

  • The next week, we have a brief meeting to discuss these journal entries and expand on ideas which the students can then write about in their next journal entry 

  • We repeat this bi-weekly process, switching essay prompts each month

Opportunity For

Using active, empathetic listening, I provide guidance on how students can use college essay questions to spark their imaginations.

Fostering a Free Flow of Ideas

Early on, there is no formal writing instruction; the goal is to encourage sincere, candid written communication from the students, even if it is grammatically informal. I provide tips on tools such as voice-to-text that make it easier for them to keep journaling.

Building Positive Habits

Students write 50-100 words every other week as a journaling exercise. 


As students progress and gain confidence, I begin to offer writing instruction. By senior year, when they are ready to apply to college, I help them with their college application essays.


I meet with students every other week to discuss their written ideas and offer support and guidance. 


I partner with existing mentoring organizations and provide ongoing training and support to their mentees in a pro-bono capacity. I am currently working with several partners to roll out the program. I would love to partner with your organization too!

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