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My specialty in this area is marketing or advertising copy that deals with technical subject matter. I work to make this easily accessible to a broad audience, to enunciate the core value proposition clearly and to cover all essential information while capturing and holding the reader's attention.

Notwithstanding the eye-watering boredom of the previous paragraph, I am actually pretty good at this!

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You know your brand's value proposition, your product's core selling points, your service's strongest differentiators... but can you articulate them?

Sometimes we are too close to our own subject matter to see it - and talk about it - clearly.


The first thing I do in any engagement is listen. I want to know your story, and I want to tell it in a way that makes you look best.


Clever wording and re-tweetable phrases might make me look good, but if they don't accomplish your business objectives, I'll pass them up.

This is about you. Let's have that conversation.

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