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My engagements have ranged from students writing college application essays and academic papers to business leaders writing magazine articles, books and podcast outlines.

You will be astonished at how fast I can help you find your voice - and trust it - and produce a workable draft. Once the words are on the page, I will help you edit and polish them.

Occasionally, I will ghostwrite for coaching clients, but I never do this for students writing college application essays. In addition to being unethical, ghostwriting for students always backfires on the young person since it's so incredibly easy for trained readers to spot. 


Great writing of any kind has one thing: soul. Even the driest academic tome reflects the unique humanity of its writer. This is something no AI or chatbot can reproduce, and no ghostwriter can fully imitate. But if you struggle to produce quality work, it can feel impossible to get started. That's where my process will help.  

Guided Brainstorming

Using exercises developed by some of the best thinkers in the field, I help people focus on the critical elements of their story and identify powerful, meaningful topics that illustrate their truth.

Structuring the PIECE 

Great essays, articles and books require mindful preparation. I encourage people to test their topics for maximum interest and impact before they begin writing, a process that results in greater creativity.


Perhaps the most powerful tool I provide writers is the ability to quickly transfer their thoughts into a rough draft. Once ideas are on the page, we can edit and polish them into tight prose. Contact me and I'll share my methods.

One-on-One Coaching

Every person brings a unique set of skills and insights to the writing process. I will assess your goals as well as your readiness and provide coaching that best serves your needs.   

Weekly Check-ins

We all have busy lives. Weekly check-ins provide milestones to keep work progressing toward deadlines, and help writers identify small issues before they become larger problems.    

Polish and Submit

Good writing emerges from editing and re-writing, and rarely from a first draft. I challenge people to raise their writing to the highest quality possible before submitting it for review by editors or admissions officers.  

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