After majoring in History and playing linebacker at Princeton University, I navigated the business world as a program manager in enterprise software development and an entrepreneur. After exiting a venture in the football analytics space, I took time away to focus on our two daughters as my wife's career took off. 

My first love has always been creativity. While on hiatus, I spent time writing and helping others to develop skill and confidence as they write. Two published novels and some professional writing tasks for a variety of business clients have deepened my experience in the craft. I worked as a freelance writer and editor and coached high school students as they prepared their college application essays.

Using a methodology that combines the disciplined clarity of technical writing and the creative energy of fiction, I have enabled a wide variety of clients and students to achieve excellence. Now, as I re-enter the business world, I am excited to work once again on projects that allow me to engage all facets of the creative and technical processes I love, and collaborate with teams that do great work. 

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